Ball Bearing Hinges

Ball bearing hinges HH0020

>Ball bearing hinges for interior door

>Ball bearing hinges for exterior door

>Heavy duty door hinges ball bearing

>Residential ball bearing door hinges

>2BB and 4BB available


Ball Bearing Hinges HH0020

4 inch Ball Bearing door hinges

Ball bearing hinges HH0020

Iron, Stainless steel and brass door hinges

Hinges for Exterior & Interior door

2BB and 4BB available

Door Hinge

Heavy duty ball bearing door hinges

Ball bearing function works perfectly on door hinges itself and tend to be durable, less noisy and best options for commercial application.

Save your Money

Affordable Price

Ball bearing door hinges is in the range of economic consideration no matter heavy duty, medium duty or light duty.

QC inspection

Quality Control

Third-part inspection involve & Package Control system at Ankey keep the lowest complain about quality issue.

Ball Bearing Hinges HH0020

Product Description

Ball bearing hinges HH0020

>Knuckle with 4 ball bearings or 2 ball bearings

>Reversible, Suitable for left hand or right hand doors

>For timber frame flush door

From Ankey, Standard door hinges and Heavy duty door hinges on regular supplying:

>Stable Quality

>On time delivery

Material Details

>Iron, Brass, Stainless steel 201 and Stainless steel 304

>Iron Pin or stainless steel pin

>Iron ball bearing, stainless steel ball bearing

>iron cap, plastic cap, stainless steel cap

>iron screws, stainless steel screws, brass screws

Available Size




Customized Function

>Color change


>Production Lead-time is 35-40 days for box package

>The delivery of ball bearing hinges in blister package is 55-60 days

What's in the package

>One pair of 4 inch ball bearing door hinges

>self tapping screws


Sure, the most popular color of iron ball bearing door hinge is chrome plated, brass plated, stain nickel plated and antique copper plated. And self color is best seller for brass ball bearing door hinges and stainless steel ball bearing door hinges. Other color is also available when you email us with your requirement, contact form is listed just below. 

Not a problem for us to supply extra screws, even you want to change the size of screws. Just feel free to let us know your request, thanks. 

Yes, Actually 100mmX75mm means 4inch X3inch. 

It depends on your actual requirement, we will need your drawing and check with our current molds to see if we can do directly without extra cost increased on the tooling. 

Standard butt hinge should be used only on residential and light-duty commercial applications. Heavy duty ball bearing door hinges are the best option for an entrance door and commercial applications, and even fire doors. 

Available from regular production line : A) 2.0mm.   B)2.5mm.  C)3.0mm

If you want the thickness of 4 inch ball bearing door hinge to be 3.5mm, please send email by filling the contact form below, we are pleased to do customization service for you.  

It does have the function of self closing in a slow way because of the rotation of ball bearing inside, but different from spring hinge, or self-closing door hinges, which is adjustable to fit the requirement of door itself. 

The hinges can be upside down itself when putting it to the doors, no matter the door is left hand or right hand. 

Most common one is 2 ball bearing or 4 ball bearing, we give the name 2BB door hinges and 4BB door hinges. 

Normal white box, color box, single blister and double blister package are available currently. 

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