Square Wall Shelves

Square Wall Shelves FS0020

>wall mounted shelves

>bedroom shelves

>Kitchen shelves

>Wall book shelves

>Malemine shelving

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Square Wall Shelves FS0020

square wall shelves

Square Wall Shelves FS0020

DIY shelves for displaying pictures, favorite books and other decor.

Multi-color available in black, white, oak and custmorization.

Square shelves design in different size.

Install in bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom.

Strong metal shelf brackets to support wall shelves fixed.

Floating shelves

Various options

No matter raw material, size and colors of floating shelves, here is one stop for wall mounted shelves for you.

Save your Money

Save your Money

IKEA bring the novation of DIY furniture and make it affordable, we follow the step and provide competitive and qualified floating shelves.

QC inspection

Quality Control

Third-part inspection involve & Package Control system at Ankey keep the lowest complaint about quality issue.

Floating shelves, Cubes, KD furniture

Product Description

Square Wall Shelves FS0020

Shelfmate Square wall shelves unit

>For bedroom, living room, kitchen & bathroom

>Wall mounted shelves

>Free up space and easy to install.

From Ankey, one stop for floating shelves

>Stable Quality

>On time delivery

Material Details

>MDF frame, particle/chipboard frame

>Honeycomb paper

>MDF cover & bottom

>Melamine surface, PVC surface, PU/PVC high shined gloss

>Metal shelves bracket

Available Size















Customized Function

>Color change

>Supported bracket change


>Corner proection


>Production Lead-time is 35-40 days for shrink package

>The delivery of Square Wall Shelves FS0020 in designed color box is 45-50 days

What's in the package

>One piece of Square Wall Shelves FS0020​ in shrink

>Floating shelves brackets



The size of floating shelves at length 400mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm can separately hold 5kgs, 6kgs, 8kgs and 10kgs. Wall mounted shelves are supported by one strong metal shelf bracket to fix it stable. 

Of course we can do, it is customized service. Regular color option from production line is white, black, oak. You can contact us by email and let us know the details of your requirement. 

No big difference from appearance, however; the cost of PVC board is competitive than melamine board.  Although both Melamine & PVC surface is the advantage of water proof and shatter resistance, Melamine performs better on scratch resistance. 

Customized service is available. Just feel free to contact us by filling below contact form and we will work out the quotation according to your requirement. 

Melamine floating shelves is actually MDF board covered by a thin melamine, there is glue stick tightly MDF board and melamine and various color of Melamine on the surface. 

MDF Floating shelves is made of compressed wood fibers, the surface normally is covered by Melamine or PVC with glues, which shows smooth solid color. 

Melamine is not only in the industry of construction, furniture but also in the products related to food, such as melamine cups, plates……

Although Melamine itself is poisonous, the processed melamine resin used in woodworking is treated and safe to use in project construction and furniture.

It depend on the design of floating shelves. Normally if less chipboard/MDF frame structure, it’s better to have paper honeycomb inside, just like what Ikea uses inside their Lack tables.  Of course, when making more frame structure to support the top and bottom board, already strong enough, then honeycomb paper can be saved. 

Yes, currently we do melamine or PVC surface for floating shelves FS0001, which are both waterproof and shatter resistance.  

Specialized manufacturer in the line of making DIY furniture more than 20 years. Third-part inspection involve in the quality check. 

A)each with metal shelf brackets and screws in a shrink film. B) each protected by corner protection (paper corner or plastic corner) in a shrink film. C) each in a color box package. D) each in a mail box package. 

Contact us for floating shelves price

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