Pin Tumbler Lock I-Production Process

Why Lever lock cylinder slowly give the way to Pin tumbler lock?
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When we talk the type of Pin tumbler lock, here are two points we want to start:

  • The production process of Pin tumbler lock


  • Where the Pin tumbler lock can be unitized?


With the changes of past 3000 years, the production of process on pin tumbler lock kept developing a big changes no matter from appearance, raw material and even functions.

Today, We are going to talk Production process of Pin tumbler lock or you can call it lock cylinder, which is same one.

Time back to the year of 1848s’, Linus Yale Jr’s father, Co-founder of Yale lock, developed Pin tumbler lock which is widely used in our daily life till now.

If we go back further before 1848s’, it is the kingdom of Lever lock cylinder. Yes, as the photo below:

cylinder inside parts

Why Lever lock cylinder slowly give the way to Pin tumbler lock?

If we go and visit some manufacturers, then there is one situation we will see that the pin tumbler lock can be fully done by auto-machine from the cutting to assemble.

However, the assembling of lever lock cylinder just can be done manually. The big influence on the capacity of production is short of labors when the time goes to 2010s’.

More than that, the popularity of Pin tumbler lock instead of Lever lock cylinder is below reasons:

  • Higher Key variations


The cylinder with Pin Tumbler Mechanism can be made by 5 pin, 6 pin and even more from one side to both side.

The key combinations for the lock cylinder with 5 pin is around 3000 key variations from theory, and definitely it will be less from the production line.

  • Copy the keys easily


Most locksmith shops provide the service of copy the keys, and it is very convenient to fine a locksmith shop just around neighborhoods.

Locksmith just get the original keys and blank key from their shops, the key copy machine can do a very good cutting same as the original keys.

Well, today we end up here and we will go to talk where the pin tumbler lock can be unitized next day.


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